With the addition of our newest search field, you can now find haunted homes with the Certified Haunted field, located under the Property Description.

The Certified Haunted field guarantees the property has been investigated and found to be haunted by a licensed paranormal home inspector. Your clients can rest assured those creaks and moans are coming from unexplained sources and not, in fact, their imagination. Perfect for the home-buyer who never wants to be alone and enjoys always feeling watched.

Searching for Haunted Properties

When doing a quick search, click next to the green plus sign in the Add a field to box. A popup of all the additional search fields will appear.

screenshot of add a field to the search bar in Flexmls

You can either type in a keyword (like “haunted” or “certified”) or scroll down to Property Description and select Certified Haunted.

screenshot of new Flexmls field

If you have questions on this new field or would like to give us feedback, please reach out to