Some things just don’t belong in the public remarks field. Phone numbers, Web addresses, and your name for example. Take a look at these common examples based on real listings. The problems have been underlined in red and violate the Inappropriate Language Policy, which now carries a $200 fine under the new Penalty Policy. Our examples below are not exhaustive, see the Inappropriate Language Policy for more information.


Section 1A of the Inappropriate Language Policy prohibits website addresses (and phone numbers) for any reason in public remarks.



It’s violation of section 1A for the phone number but also section 2D for title information in public remarks. Title information is only allowed in private or semi-private remarks. Check the section for other prohibitions on title information as there are some restrictions on what can be said relating to title in semi/private remarks as well.



Section 1B prohibits Open House information in public remarks.



This is part two of our Rules Week blog series aimed at educating Subscribers on the MLS rules.
See part 1 here or visit our Rules Week landing page.