From coast to coast, America has seen her share of devastation over the last year due to natural disasters. And Arizona, with our flash floods, wild fires and dust storms, is no different. According to, Arizona faced 3.5 billion dollars in property damage do to natural disasters between 2006 and 2013. So what should you do if a natural disaster hits mid-sale?

Keep Calm and Call Your Client

Take a breath, keep your cool and speak to your client as soon as possible. They may or may not have been affected. Keep them apprised of the known and unknown as much as possible. Communication is key.

Know the Law

Review state laws or contact an attorney. Outside of the contract itself, state laws may dictate who bears the loss during a pending contract.

Review the Contract

Most contracts have provisions for damages that occur before closing and dictate what to do if one or both parties cannot fulfill their obligations.

Have Your Client Speak to Their Lender

Your client will need to speak with their lender to handle anything from re-inspection of the property to potential fee waivers to deferment options of things already paid out.

Document Damages

Advise your client to document all damages and keep an organized ledger of the costs of any repairs. They should also file a homeowner’s claim or speak to their carrier as soon as possible.

Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in this situation. Being prepared can make it easier for the worst case scenario, since we all known mother nature can be as unpredictable as the housing market.