Did you know that clients can set up their own subscriptions through their Flexmls portal?! It’s easy to do, but they might not be aware of this feature.

When logged into their portal, they need to select the search you’ve provided to them and then click the button containing three dots in the top right corner of the search results. They can choose Receive notifications or Unsubscribe from notifications.

Screenshot example of the Portal option to receive subscription notifications.

Once they choose to receive the notification, emails will be sent to the address associated with the portal whenever new listing activity matching their search criteria become available. They can also switch the notifications back to off if they no longer wish to receive the emails.

If their portal contains more than one search, notifications for each can be turned on and off separately.

Subscriptions that clients set up through their portal will always default to the ASAP frequency. The emails they receive come directly from your Flexmls account and will contain listing information, but no personalized message.

You can see and manage subscriptions clients have set for themselves in the Subscriptions or Contact Management section of Flexmls.

Screenshot example of where to find Subscriptions in contact management

To learn more about setting up subscriptions, take our online class. It provides an overview of the entire process.