Board Director Job Description


The ARMLS Board of Directors has established a job description to set new board member expectations.
(Note: this is an unpaid volunteer elected position and not an employment opportunity)

The Board of Directors ensures that the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service achieves appropriate results for and on behalf of its Stakeholders at a reasonable cost. Directors work with the elected leadership and other members of the board, the CEO to provide leadership for ARMLS. Directors are expected to understand, support and fulfill the responsibilities set forth below in addition to the Code of Conduct and the expectations in the ARMLS Governance policies.


  1. Accountability: The Board of Directors is collectively accountable to all ARMLS stakeholders. They are accountable for ARMLS’ performance in realizing its mission and achieving its goals.  Each board member is also accountable and for the effective stewardship of the company’s financial resources and the performance of the CEO.
  2. Members as Individuals: The CEO is accountable to the board and not to individual board members. Therefore, the relationship between the CEO and individual members of the board, including the Chair, is collegial and not hierarchical.
  3. Term: New board members must be able to serve a 3-year term.  
  4. Participation in ARMLS board Related Events: Board members must attend board meetings and board related events.  This includes industry related conferences in accordance with and in the number proscribed by the current ARMLS Travel Policy.  Additional board functions are the annual board planning session and planning workshops.  Every board member must complete the ARMLS sanctioned Appeals Process training program.


  1. Individual Conduct: To properly serve the Corporation and its subscribers, each board member must always act with dignity and integrity, both inside and outside of board meetings, reflecting the corporation’s high standards for ethical behavior and professionalism. Each board member must always adhere to the Board Code of Conduct as written in the ARMLS policies.


  1. Maintain a working knowledge of the affairs, policies, and assets of ARMLS.
  2. Advocate for the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of ARMLS.
  3. Ensure information that is confidential or privileged (i.e., not publicly available) is not disclosed inappropriately.
  4. Express one’s opinion during discussion and debates but speak with one voice regarding the final decisions of the board.
  5. Copiously prepare for and actively participate in board meetings.
  6. Carry out fiduciary responsibility over the financial affairs of the corporation.
  7. Listen to other board member views, advocate their own, identify common interests and alternatives, and be open to compromise.
  8. Continually build the strength and reputation of the board as an effective leadership team.


  • Must meet the minimum requirements as proscribed by the ARMLS Nominating Committee
  • Commitment to the corporate mission and strategic directions
  • Availability of sufficient time to devote to board of Directors meetings and related activities
  • Financial acumen


  • Leadership role in the Real Estate industry
  • Mergers and Acquisitions experience