When searching for a specific subdivision in Flexmls, subscribers can enter the name of the subdivision in the search template or draw the boundaries on the map. But out of these two methods, which one returns the most accurate results? We’ve researched this question and have found a definitive winner. For the cleanest, most accurate results, draw a map.

Subdivisions are entered when the listing is created, which means that field is completely dependent on the subscriber. But unlike other fields, such as number of bedrooms and listing price, subdivisions can be trickier to get right. These are the top reasons why entering the name is less accurate than drawing a map.

  1. Typos
    • When you search by the name of the subdivision, Flexmls will only retrieve exact matches. So searching for “Copeland Hill” won’t bring up all those listings entered as “Copeland Hills” or “Copeland Hlll“. It’s an innocent mistake, but one that can hamper your search.
  2. Accidents
    • Entering what you think the name is rather than what it actually is can lead to your search not yielding correct results.
  3. Listing inaccuracies
    • Subscribers sometimes enter the incorrect subdivision when listing a property. This usually occurs when a home is bordering a highly desirable subdivision that has the ability to increase the asking price and decrease the DOM. Or it can be an innocent mistake.

Remember that incorrectly entering the subdivision, whether accidentally or on purpose, is a violation of the Rules and Regulations Section 8.5 and can result in fines.