Most clients feel strongly about a pool- they either want one or they don’t. Then there are those clients who wouldn’t mind having access to a pool, but don’t want all of the upkeep responsibility. Community pools are a perfect solution. And what’s the best way to search for that perfect property? We have two.

Flexmls has two searchable fields that help you find listings with a community pool: the General Property Description – Pool field and the Community Pool option under the more general Community Features field.

Searching by General Property Description

Since General Property Description – Pool is a required field, your best bet is to begin here. General Property Description – Pool has four options and every listing agent must pick one of them. By choosing Both Private & Community or Community Only, you’re sure to find your client’s dream property with a community pool.

Screenshot of "General Property Description - Pool" field from a Quick Search.

Searching by Community Features

Your other option is to search using the Community Features field and selecting the option for Community Pool. Keep in mind that Community Features isn’t a required field, so it’s possible you might miss some listings.

Screenshot of "Community Features" field with "Community Pool" selected in a Quick Search.