If you’ve been an ARMLS subscriber for more than 10 minutes, you’re probably aware of Supra, the company that supplies lockboxes to subscribers. What you might not know are all of the ways a Supra lockbox can help you with your business.

Benefits of Using a Supra Lockbox as a Listing Agent

Marketing– Supra lockboxes are great marketing tools to showcase timely access to your property.

Notifications– Receive emails or texts whenever someone enters the property and at what time.

Control– Create a schedule to limit when someone can access your lockbox (and thus the property).

Knowledge– Use the Call Before Showing (CBS) option to ensure showing agents call you before they show the property. Once they call for confirmation, you will then provide them the seven-digit security code you created to allow them entry.

Organization– The Supra website is a great organizational tool to keep track of your lockboxes, assign a lockbox to a specific property, view all of your showings, and more. You can also store electronic notes, fliers, business cards, alarm codes and personal messages to allow for a smooth showing.

Security– Supra lockboxes are highly durable and secure. If it becomes inoperable or malfunctions, we can help you out of your jam.

Benefits of Using a Supra Lockbox as a Showing Agent

Consistency– One lockbox to rule them all. Relax knowing exactly what’s waiting for you at the house and how to use it. No more dealing with temperamental mechanical lockboxes or keeping track of loose house keys.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Supra lockbox, feel free to check out the Supra website. You can also check out individual specs for the iBoxBTLE.