In ShowingTime you have the option to enter your lockbox serial number and CBS (call before showing) code into your listings. While this is not a requirement, there are some benefits of doing so.

CBS Code Sharing

If you have a CBS code enabled on your lockbox, you can enter that code into ShowingTime. The showing agent will receive the code after you approve their request.

Keep Track of Your Lockboxes

Let’s say you have ten listings and ten lockboxes. Entering the serial number will show you which box you have on which listing.

Keep Track of Who Enters Your Listing

The listing activity report will pull all appointments that were scheduled through ShowingTime. By entering your serial number into ShowingTime, the report will also capture any unauthorized access.

Your broker will need to log in to the Supra eKey website to enable ShowingTime to pull lockbox activity for your office. On the Supra site, you will need to assign the lockbox to an address.

showingtime screenshot

Enter in your serial number/and or CBS code. Click on Listing Setup on your ShowingTime menu. From there, click on your listing and scroll down until you see the Access Details.

showingtime screenshot

Once this has been set up the listing activity report will display Supra lockbox activity 24 hours after adding the lockbox serial number to your listing.

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