“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a saying we all know. But if you’re a listing agent there might be an another motto to live by, “Get photo(s) before going active.” Here are the benefits of having at least one photo before going active.

Because of the “New Listing” Banner

When you add a new listing, the “New Listing” banner is automatically attached. For the next 72 hours the banner will be visible in the MLS, manual emails, subscription emails and portals. It draws extra attention to your listing and that’s a good thing! But if you add a listing with no photos, you might not be maximizing the “New Listing” banner. Make a great first impression by attaching photos before going live in Flexmls.
No Photo Banner in Flexmls

Because of How Syndication Works

Depending on your broker’s syndication preferences, you may have the opportunity to syndicate listings to third party publishers. Intricacies of the syndication process aside, here’s the bottom line: it can take up to 24 hours for your photos to appear on syndication websites if you do not publish your listing with photos to begin with. The sooner you attach photos to your listing the less likely the public will see it without photos.

Because We all Want to Play by the Rules

You can go active without a photo, but Rule 8.24 of the ARMLS Rules and Regulations requires every Residential For Sale and Residential Rental listing to include at least one photo of the property’s front exterior within 4 days of the listing going active in the MLS. At least one photo must remain, even after the listing is closed, cancelled or expired. Per the ARMLS Penalty Policy the fine for breaking this rule is $50. Why tempt fate? Attach a front exterior photo before the listing goes active and you’ll always be in compliance.