We’ve already explained the Weekly, Monthly and ASAP Flexmls subscription schedules and the differences between them. While the Weekly schedule is the most widely used and does have some benefits, the ASAP subscription is worth giving extra consideration to during the strong seller’s market we’re currently experiencing.

When inventory is tight, buyers can get frustrated. If a hot new property hits the market, there’s likely to be immediate interest from multiple buyers. Hours can matter! Even if you set your client’s Weekly subscription to go out each day, that can still mean a potential lag time of 12 hours or more. Not only is there the risk of your client finding the property on their own before your next scheduled email gets to them, but the property could already have an offer.

This also holds true if your buyer has very specific search criteria, such as wanting a basement–or a bowling alley! Since those types of properties are not likely to hit the market too often, an ASAP subscription would be a good choice.

To learn even more about setting up Flexmls subscriptions, check out our webinar on subscriptions and manual emails.