Learn what your Advantage Products are, why you would use them in your business, and where to go when you need help.


What Is It?

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Where To Go For Help?

Cloud MLX

Effortlessly search for listings, share information with clients and other agents and access Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams all with Cloud MLX. Access via:

Cloud MLX will elevate your MLS experience with a modern, user friendly way to search MLS data, connect with others agents and work for your clients.

Cloud MLX Support

Live/Recorded Webinars

ARMLS Support – 480-921-7777

Cloud Streams Logo

Cloud Streams keeps your clients updated with auto-listing alerts via email and text much faster than other portal options. Access via:

Set your buyers up with this client-focused take on subscription emails using Cloud Streams. Automatically send text alerts to keep prospective buyers up-to-date on their latest search results.

Cloud Streams Support

Live/Recorded Webinars

ARMLS Support – 480-921-7777

Cloud CMA Logo

With Cloud CMA you can easily create CMAs, buyer tours, property reports and flyers. Every report is branded to you and full of big beautiful photos. Access via:

Cloud CMA aids in creating dynamic seller presentations, branded flyers and other marketing materials that can make a great impression on you clients.

Cloud CMA Support

Live/Recorded Webinars

ARMLS Support – 480-921-7777

Remine Logo

Remine uses data layers to illuminate real estate opportunities with intuitive map-based visualizations and push notifications with actionable intelligence. Access via:

Remine takes prospecting for new buyers and sellers to the next level with a wide array of map overlays. These overlays can help you identify neighborhood trends and predict potential leads, such as which homeowners may be ready to sell and when.

Remine Support

Live/Recorded Webinars

ARMLS Support – 480-921-7777

RapidStats Logo

RapidStats is a data-driven reporting and analytics tool created in-house by ARMLS. Access via:

RapidStats helps you better understand your market and pricing trends to build your confidence in the decision making process.

RapidStats Support

Live/Recorded Webinars

ARMLS Support – 480-921-7777