If you weren’t aware, the ARMLS blog publishes a lot of relevant and helpful information. With over 180 tips and tricks regarding Flexmls, Monsoon or important company updates, the blog has something for everyone. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the 7 most popular blogs read by subscribers this summer.

The 7 Most Popular Blogs

1.  What’s the Best Way to get a Lockbox Key?


This blog focuses on some important tips to know before stopping into any ARMLS Support Center to acquire a new lockbox.


2. What is the Best Way to Find a CBS Code?


This article explains what a “Call Before Showing” code is and tells you how to retrieve it when confronted by it.


3. Top 10 Violations of 2016


This is a list of the top 10 violations subscribers had broken in 2016. Don’t worry, number one was “Self-Reported” which goes to show how honest our subscribers are.


4. Bedroom Definition


If you weren’t sure what the exact bedroom definition is via ARMLS rules, then look no further. This will give you the answer, sort of.


5. What’s an IDX? How do I get One?


This article explains what an Internet Data Exchange is and how you would go about obtaining one for your personal website.


6. How to Avoid or Fix a Lockbox Jam


Placing your keys back in the lockbox can be harder than it looks. If you don’t want to jam your lockbox, check this article out.


7. How do I Buy a New Lockbox?


This informative article will tell you the process of how and where to purchase any lockbox, as well as some frequently asked questions.