Think you don’t need a Real Estate Agent? Think again. Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions people will make in their lives. If you (or anyone you know) is on the fence about getting a Realtor, check back here each week for another reason why using a professional is the wisest move you can make.

We will add new reasons until we hit 50:

1. They can handle the lookie-loos. 

2. Your Realtor can score 100% on this quiz. Can you?

3. Realtors can handle a client’s *ahem* anxieties.


4. Your Realtor will make sure your listing photos don’t look like this.  

5. Being ethical is part of their job, literally.

6. Realtors think logically and will prevent you from making a bad decision based on your emotions.


7. They’ll handle the price negotiations.


8. You’ll have access to all the listings in the Valley, not just a fraction online.


9. Your Realtor knows the sweet spot to price your home. 

10. You’ll never have to worry about losing out to a higher paying tenant every year.

11. You can count on your Agent to give you the kind of decoration tough love that gets faster, higher priced sales.

12. Realtors can help in explaining the escrow process.

13. Your Realtor will know the neighborhood.

GIF of Homer Simpson selling condos

14. Do you know where to get your homes historical documents?  Because they do

15. They are connected to everyone!

16. They help you envision the house as your own.

17. Because there is a lot of paperwork.

18. The closing gifts are pretty awesome.

19. They track area statics and trends.

20. Realtors are very educated in their business.

Black board with Real Estate 101 written on it

Written by Madison G from ARMLS
Madison has been part of the ARMLS family since 2015. As the Content Editor, she brings an extensive background in writing, editing, communication and punnery.