Vector man meditating in hot mountains in lotus pose

In this busy market, every minute counts. But if you’ve got a full day of showings lined up in the summer, every hot minute can feel like an hour. And with monsoon season upon us, downpours and flash flooding can turn an uncomfortable experience into a frightening one. These simple summer showing tips can help make your outings a little more bearable and a little safer for you and your clients.

Smarten Up Your Route

The ShowingCart feature in ShowingTime lets you create a customized route for multiple showings. You can also plug in your stops and let ShowingTime generate the quickest route for you.

Aim For Early Showings

Even though 6 p.m. gets you out of peak hours and into the twilight, the ground is still radiating heat from the day. Scheduling an early morning tour will give you the coolest part of the day.

Stay Hydrated

Despite living in a desert, some people still underestimate the severity of dehydration and how quickly it can strike. Make sure your clients have water with them. Or better yet, bring a few frozen water bottles with you to hand out when they forget theirs.

Turn on AC in Vacant Houses

When homes get too hot, potential buyers may have a hard time focusing on anything other than the melty feeling they’re experiencing. If there’s still electricity running to the property, it’s worth the time to swing by and turn on the air beforehand. This way, the house makes a cool first impression (see what we did there?) and you won’t have to answer the inevitable “Does the A/C work?” question.

Or Bring the AC with You

Can’t cool down the house? No problem. These portable gadgets help you keep your cool where ever you go.

Prepare for Monsoons

Keeping monsoon ready supplies in your trunk, like a towel or flashlight, can help comfort your buyers should you get caught in a storm or face a power outage. Take flash flood warnings to heart. Just six inches of water can knock over an adult and 12 inches of water can carry away a small car. And if you’re tempted to drive around a barricade to go through flooded areas, keep in mind you could be responsible for the cost of emergency responders should you get stuck thanks to the “stupid motorist law“.