You may have noticed a 404 error when trying to print in Flexmls. Microsoft recently released a security update to the Windows operating system that caused a problem to the way Internet Explorer prints listings within Flexmls. In short, Microsoft’s patch is causing people to see a 404 error when they print through Internet Explorer if the content they are printing is within a frame. You can read the full Microsoft article here.

Until Microsoft fixes the bug, you can either take special action to print Flexmls content or use another web browser that is not Internet Explorer. Flexmls fully supports the use of: Edge, Chrome (PC and Mac), Firefox (PC and Mac) and Safari (Mac).

If you do not have the option of using another web browser, here’s how you can print from Flexmls using Internet Explorer.

The Print Menu

From the Search Results page, click on the option in the lower left of the page that says Preview and Print in a new window. Once this option is checked, click on either one of the Print or Preview button(s). This will make your Flexmls content open in a new tab/window and should allow you to print normally. If you print frequently from Flexmls, it may be a good idea to click the Save link in the lower left which will retain this checkbox preference for the next time you go to print.

Alternatively, you can also click the PDF button (not available in all markets) and print from the PDF file that is generated.

Screenshot of Listings Print or Email screen

From the Search Results Page

If you normally right click and choose print from the search results page, this issue also applies to you. Instead of performing this action first, use the pop-out icon to detach your Flexmls content from the frame, then right-click and print from the new window/tab that appears.

Flexmls screenshot of detail popout button

I Don’t Print from Search Results

There are other features in Flexmls that allow you to print content but do not have the option of opening in a new window/tab directly. To get around this, where you would normally left-click to access the feature, perform a right-click on the feature and choose “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window”. This should detach the feature, removing it from the Flexmls frames and allowing you to print the way you normally would.

Screenshot of Flexmls quick search, right click open in new tab