We do not have a service area defined by geography, meaning that Subscribers can place listings in the MLS from anywhere in the world. For 33 years, there have been no rules that impose geographic limitations to where your listing must be located. Of course, can and should are two different things, so talk to your broker about their requirements.

What Grid Code Do I Enter?

When entering an out of state or out of country listing, use the Out of area grid code C90.

How Do I Search for Out of State / Out of Country Listings in our MLS?

In a quick search, select the option in City/Town Code (Outside of Arizona, Outside of Country)


How Do I Search for MLS Listings Not in our MLS?

There are no offers of compensation across MLSs, but it is possible to search other MLSs. In Flexmls you can also search the Tucson Association of Realtors MLS by clicking on MLS of in a quick search:



In Monsoon you can search PAAR MLS and SVVAR MLS by preforming an MLS search and selecting the desired MLS you wish to search:


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