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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ is divided into the following categories:  Lockboxes, Membership, MLS, Rules / Data Integrity and Training.

Lockboxes and Lockbox Keys


Q. How do I get a lockbox key?

A. Once you have joined ARMLS, you will be eligible to lease a lockbox key at one of the five ARMLS Support Centers (PAR, SAAR, WeMAR, SEVRAR and Tempe). View Support Center locations and phone numbers.



Q.  I just purchased a lockbox from another Agent, how do I take ownership of it?

A.  Please contact the Helpdesk at (480) 303-7020 for verification of ownership, then fill out the Lockbox Transfer Form. We will need a signature from both you and the person who was the owner of the lockbox in order to transfer it. Once the form is completed, email it to


Q.  I found a lockbox, what do I do next?

A.  Please contact us at with the lockbox serial number and we will instruct you on the next steps to take.




Q. How do I join ARMLS®?

A. You may sign up for an ARMLS subscription at your local REALTOR® Association. You can download a copy of the Subscriber Agreement.



Q. What does it cost to join ARMLS?

A. The current annual subscription fee is $288, but may change from year to year at the discretion of the ARMLS Board of Directors. MLS Subscriber fees are paid annually and are due June 30 for service from July 1 through June 30. If you join later in the year, your fees are prorated at that time. See your local Association for a proration schedule.



Q. How do ARMLS Subscriber fees compare to other comparably sized MLSs?

A. ARMLS subscription fees are among the lowest in the country for systems of comparable size. The ARMLS Board of Directors, through the Audit Committee, monitors ARMLS revenue and expense while trying to maintain the most service at the lowest cost for the Subscriber.



Q. What are my Subscriber benefits?

A. You will have unlimited free access to all features in flexmls including property search, comparative market analysis, ability to post unlimited listings, mapping, tax data, property history, including unlimited training and technical support. Access to the Supra lockbox system is available for a fee. ARMLS also brings new technology initiatives to Subscribers throughout the year in the form of new products.  Many of these products are offered as a “Freemium”, meaning that the basic level is free to Subscribers with a more advanced level available for a fee.

Q. Can I join ARMLS without being a member of an Association?

A. Yes, but subscription to the ARMLS service is only available through a REALTOR® Association and each has different requirements for MLS-only (non-member) access. Contact any of the Associations for details on their programs.




Q. How can I retrieve my password if I can't log in to flexmls?

A. On the flexmls login page, at, you will find a If Your Password Is Not Working button that will allow you to reset your password.



Q. Can I share my MLS access information with another person?

A. No, this is a violation of the ARMLS Rules and Regulations. See Section 7.2 of ARMLS Rules and Regulations for details.



Q. How do I find out about changes and upgrades to the MLS system?

A. Changes to flexmls are sent out via email as a flexAlert.  A library of past FlexAlerts can be found on under the SUPPORT tab.

Rules / Data Integrity


Q. Where would I find ARMLS Rules and Regulations?

A. ARMLS Rules and Regulations are posted on under the Rules tab. View Rules and Regulations. 


Q. Why does ARMLS have so many Rules and Regulations?

A. The data in MLS is used by Subscribers to provide valuable property information to their clients and customers. Inaccurate or unreliable information is a source of liability and can cause serious harm to buyers and sellers. ARMLS also provides statistical information as a Subscriber benefit. If the information in the system is inaccurate, then the statistical outcome is also unreliable. Brokers and Agents make business decisions based on how they perceive the market. If the data they use to analyze the market is unreliable, they run the risk of making poor decisions based on inaccurate information.


Q. What should I do if I find another Subscriber violating Rules and Regulations?
A. ARMLS encourages Subscribers to contact the offending Subscriber first as a courtesy.  Many Subscribers willingly correct errors when they become aware.  If this fails, each listing in the MLS has a Report an Error button to report any violation. Violations of the Rules are handled under the
ARMLS Penalty Policy.

Q. What should I do when I find Subscribers behaving unethically or if I have a commission dispute?
A. While ARMLS can address violations of its Rules and Regulations, it has no jurisdiction over ethics complaints or arbitration (money) disputes. These should be directed back to your Broker who can then follow procedures designated by the local REALTOR® Association in accordance with the NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

Q. Who gives ARMLS the authority to create Rules and Regulations?

A. The ARMLS Rules and Regulations are written and approved by the ARMLS Board of Directors appointed by the shareholder Boards (PAR, SAAR, SEVRAR, WeMAR, WPAR) on behalf of all ARMLS Subscribers.


Q. What happens if I violate the Rules and Regulations?

A.  Subscribers who do not comply with the Rules and Regulations are held accountable by the ARMLS Penalty Policy. Penalties assessed are based on the severity of the rule that is violated. Depending on the category and violation, penalties may range from a warning notice with $0 fine to a minimum of $1,000 up to a maximum of $15,000 and/or suspension from the MLS and/or Lockbox system.




Q. Where is training available?

A.  ARMLS state of the art facilities are equipped with computers for individual student use. The ARMLS locations are shown below.  In addition, ARMLS trainers provide customized site visits throughout the Valley to train at sales meetings and other Subscriber gatherings. To arrange customized training for your office or group, contact 480-303-7223 or

The ARMLS Training Facility is located at 120 S. Priest Dr., Tempe, AZ 85281-2490. Get directions.

The ARMLS Phoenix Training Facility is located at 5033 N. 19th Avenue, Suite 113, Phoenix AZ 85015. Get directions.

The ARMLS Scottsdale Training Facility is located at 7600 E. Redfield Road, Suite 170, Scottsdale AZ 85260. Get directions.

The ARMLS SE Valley Training Facility is located at 1363 S. Vineyard Mesa, AZ 85210. Get directions.

The ARMLS Peoria Training Facility is located at 9001 West Union Hills Drive, Suite 5, Peoria, AZ 85382.  Get directions.

Webinars - Learn From Anywhere

ARMLS classes are also available in webinar format for learning from home or office. Learn more about access to the ARMLS training webinars.


Q. Is there a charge for training?

A. Whether you attend a hands-on class at one of our training facilities, an online webinar or one of the ARMLS trainers comes to your office, there is no charge for ARMLS training.


QWhat classes are available?

A.  Classes are available on a variety of topics that include Flexmls Web features in both Basic and Advanced levels as well as Monsoon Tax System.  View ARMLS classes.

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