Billing season officially kicked off on June 5. To help, we’ve compiled a list of Billing FAQs.

Q: Why are you asking me for money, I paid in January?

A: We understand the confusion! ARMLS bills in the summer, the associations bill in the winter.

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Q: How much are subscriber fees and when are they due? 

A: Subscriber fees are $324 for agents/brokers and $162 for office admins. The due date is June 30. Subscriber fees increased about 10 cents a day from $288 to $324. We do our best to keep fees low but fees increased due to rising industry costs and a significant investment in technology by ARMLS.

Q: What does a “significant investment in technology” mean? 

A: With past successes like ShowingTime behind us, we need to invest in the next generation of tools and services. For example:

• Think mobile. Isn’t it odd that you can’t add a listing on mobile in the year 2017? Our team is investing in technology to make the mobile experience better and more useful.
• Agents shouldn’t be the last to know. We’re developing better CMA tools with the ability to see third party estimates.
• The next generation of listing databases are save-state based, meaning they record the exact state of a listing from thousands of points in time. It works like a time machine that will allow subscribers to do much better analysis rather than a listing record with a log of changes.
• We need better systems to serve you. For example, systems that know who you are when you call and ones that ensure you are always given the correct answer.
• We are evaluating new high quality products to bring to you in the next year.

Q: What is included with my ARMLS subscription? 

A: Subscribers have access to Flexmls, Monsoon, ShowingTime, Homesnap and other products. We offer phone and live chat support six days a week. There are five support centers around the Valley. We also offer training through MLS classes in five locations, online classes and customized office visits. The ARMLS Data Integrity department keeps the data clean and they handle more than 20,000 error reports each year. There’s more! See our products pageforms page and statistics page for more information.

Q: Where do I pay, I can’t find it in Flexmls?

A: Subscriber fees are paid on using your Flexmls username and password.

Q: Can I pay monthly for subscriber fees?

A: No, sorry. Our services are not setup for monthly billing.

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