There are two Subdivision fields in Monsoon. Learning them both can be very helpful.


Subdivision is a default field in the Tax Search. It is a auto-complete box where you type at least three letters and select a choice. You can only make pre-determined selections but you select multiple Subdivisions.


Subdivision Name

Subdivision Name can be added using the Add/Modify link on a Tax Search. It is a text search box where you can type the subdivision name. This field also takes a wildcard symbol, * (an asterisk). Think of it like Google, where the Subdivision pulled must match what you entered but can match in different ways. For example, if you wanted to search Garden Lakes but wanted to make sure Garden Lake was also included in your results:


Using the wildcard gives you 15 results in our date range, 14 results without the wildcard.

Written by James Marcus from ARMLS
James leads the content team as Director of Brand. He’s seen tremendous change at the MLS in his eight-year tenure. He’s a lumberjack having studied advertising at Northern Arizona University.