RV in the desert

RV (Recreational Vehicle) ownership is at an all time high in the U.S. with 21% of households intending to purchase an RV some time in the future. Becoming familiar with the RV fields in Flexmls will help you when listing or searching out an RV friendly home. And that’s sure to make your client one happy camper.

The three most commonly used RV options in Flexmls are RV Parking, RV Gate and RV Garage, all located under Parking Features. 

RV Parking

RV Parking refers to the physical space, covered or uncovered, on the property that is able to store an RV. This is usually a cement slab, but can come in any form. It could also mean there is RV Parking adjacent to the property such as a lot where all residents of the community would be allowed to park their RVs.

RV Gate

An RV Gate is a gate on a fence that could fit an RV. If you have an RV Gate and the property is located in an HOA, you might want to double check to see if the HOA prohibits RV Parking in the backyard. It’s important to remember that just because you have an RV gate doesn’t automatically mean there is RV parking, for example if the area is landscaped or can’t support the weight of an RV.

RV Garage

An RV Garage is just that- a garage large enough to house an RV. This is a form of RV Parking, so if you have an RV Garage be sure to also select RV Parking.

In Flexmls we currently have 1,887 listings where both RV Gate and RV have been selected (2,979 as RV Parking only and 3,814 listings as RV Gate only). Remember when searching in the MLS for RV options in the Parking Features to enable and/or/not accordingly.

Flexmls Parking Features Screenshot