Ever needed a quick way to check what happened in a client’s search over the last few days? You could always open the client’s saved search, sort the list by New or Recently Changed First and manually email them the most recent changes. But there’s an easier, faster way to update yourself and your clients. Enter Flexmls Hot Sheets.

A 24-Hour Hot Sheet compiles an inventory of all listing “events” that have occurred in the previous 24 hours. This includes: new listings, price changes, text changes, and status changes (UCB, Cancelled, Closed, Expired, Pended, Temporary Off Market, Extension, Back On Market).

How to Run a 24-Hour Hotsheet

From the Menu, click on Daily Functions and select Hot Sheet.


Screenshot of Daily functions tab in Flexmls


Select City/Town Code(s) and Property Type(s), then click Run 24-Hour Hot Sheet.

Screenshot of Flexmls hot sheet option

Pro Tip: 24 hours is literal (except for Mondays). If you run a 24-Hour Hot Sheet at 11:06 a.m., Flexmls will pull a list of events starting the previous day at 11:06 a.m. However, the system assumes you might take a break from pulling Hot Sheets over the weekend. So, if you run a 24-Hour Hot Sheet on a Monday, the system will pull a list of events for the last 72 hours.

But what if you need to personalize your Hot Sheet beyond city and property type? Or what if you want to show all last week’s activity? Flexmls’s Custom Hot Sheet is perfect for this.

How to Run a Custom Hot Sheet

From the Daily Functions tab select Hot Sheet.

Screenshot of Flexmls hotsheet

Click the Custom Hot Sheet Settings link and select the History Event(s) and Time Period (Start/End Date and Start/End Time). Alternatively, you can use Relative Date Searching to search by “days back”. To get started, click on the horizontal arrows beside the Start Date. 

Hot Sheet for a New Quick Search or Existing Saved Search

New Quick Search– Select the Property Type(s)Price Range and City/Town Code(s) then click the Run Quick Search Hot Sheet.

Existing Saved Search– Select an existing Saved Search and click Run Saved Search Hot Sheet.

Written by Emily H from ARMLS
Emily started as a Content Specialist in 2016. Formerly a college composition instructor, she loves all things writing and teaching. When not assisting subscribers, Emily can be found wrangling her 3 cats.