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Vendors and Web Developers

Vendors (including aggregators, affiliates, IT/website contractors, franchisors, etc.) interested in making their products and services available to any active ARMLS Subscriber or Participant must complete and return the Vendor Content License Application, stating their intended use of the data, and submit it to, as the first step in gaining RETS access. They must also adhere to the ARMLS Content Access Policy. If their products relate to the display of listings on the Internet either through Internet Data Exchange (IDX)  or a Virtual Office Website (VOW)  , they must further comply with either the IDX Policy or the VOW Rules, respectively.

Access to MLS data is available through the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS), a common language used by systems that handle real estate information.

All Vendors who want RETS access to ARMLS data for a product that may be marketed to any active Subscriber should refer to the Content Access Policy for the Data License Fee Schedule.

Vendor products and services using ARMLS data are showcased in the ARMLS RE Technology catalog.

Questions about data access should be directed to or fax at 480-303-7220.

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