Generally, advertising the listings of others without their permission on social media is against ARMLS Rules (10.11), but there are provisions in the IDX Policy which makes these limited displays acceptable if you follow the guidelines we’ve established below.

To advertise an IDX participating listing on social media without prior permission, you must do the following – all criteria must be met. 

1. The listing you promote must be participating in the IDX program at the time of posting and at all times.

2. The post must link to a live full IDX display page, specific to that property, which complies with the ARMLS IDX Policy.

3. The post (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) must be less than 200 characters in length, excluding any link previews (that automatically generate) and the IDX URL.

4. Only 6 or less fields may be displayed (we consider address to be one field) in the post.

5. The social media post must be updated at least every 12 hours and display when the data was last updated, or if it can’t be updated then removed (Tweets for example). All data must be verified to still be accurate.

This Post is Not in Compliance


This Post is Compliant


Keep in mind advertising your own listings or having written permission to advertise someone else’s listings is different and doesn’t need to follow the guidelines above. These guidelines only apply to limited displays like those used in social media. whereas print and other displays have other rules.