Star rating and Flexmls screenshot

Flexmls has improved how your clients can rate listings in their portals! Now, instead of just one star icon to indicate that they like a listing, your clients can use up to three stars to indicate their level of interest. As a subscriber, you can also view and change these multiple star ratings on behalf of your clients. These changes apply to Flexmls Web, Flexmls Mobile Web and the Flexmls Pro app for iOS.

How Clients Use the 3-Star Rating System

Inside their portal, clients can click the single star icon from the News Feed or any search. Here we have a client’s view of their portal. We see a listing from the Test Listings search and the single star icon for it has been clicked.

Screenshot of a client's portal view. Arrow points to where they can click a single star icon beside each listing.


Clicking the single star icon will add the listing to the client’s Saved Listing Collection, which they can visit from the Listings menu in their portal. From the Saved Listing Collection, a client can indicate their level of interest by rating each saved listing with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

How You Can View Clients’ 3-Star Ratings

Subscribers can view a client’s star ratings by selecting the client in Contact Management, visiting the client’s Portal tab and clicking on the client’s Saved Listing Collection.

Screenshot showing where to see a client's Saved listing collection inside Contact Management.


When you view a client’s Saved Listing Collection, you can see how many stars they’ve given each listing or add or remove stars at the client’s request. You can also sort your client’s Saved listings by star rating. Just click the Sort button under the List tab. The default sort is Rating – High to Low.

Screenshot of the subscriber's view of a client's Saved portal listing collection when "working on behalf of" a client through Contact Management. Arrows point where to adjust the sort and up to three stars per listing.


Where Did the Hide Button Go?

Sometimes a client may want to move a listing to their Hidden Listing Collection, which can be found in the Actions menu. After clicking on a listing, the blue Actions menu will appear over the left side of the listing’s thumbnail picture. From there, you or clients can choose to hide a listing. The Actions menu will not appear for subscribers unless you are in a client’s Saved Listing Collection.

Screenshot of where the Actions menu appears in a client's Saved portal listing collection.