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Posting a listing that belongs to another Agent on Craigslist is very much like the children’s game, Mother, May I?  You may not take the step if you don’t get permission from Mother, or the listing Broker. This requirement for permission includes not just Craigslist, but also your personal website, promotional displays, newspaper advertising, flyers and non-IDX sites like Facebook, Google, Postlets, Trulia, Yahoo and Zillow.

Mother May I - children

Some make the case that additional postings give a listing more exposure, and that’s good for the Seller.  But ARMLS Rule 10.11,  Article 12 of the Code of Ethics (specifically Standard of Practice 12-4 and 12-5) and the Internet Data Exchange  (IDX) Policy all require permission from the listing brokerage before advertising another Broker’s listed property.  Further violating ARMLS Rules concerning the posting of another Broker’s listing without permission is a violation of the ARMLS Penalty Policy.  The Arizona Administrative Code (R4-502. Advertising by a Licensee) cautions that all advertising contain accurate claims and representations and not create false or misleading impressions. If you include a link back to an IDX-enabled website, make sure you are abiding by all IDX Rules.

Agents who post information about another Broker’s listings should regularly review the posts for accuracy, and remove the post if the property is no longer Active.

There are plenty of listings now on Craigslist that are posted by Agents who are not the listing Agent. Care to share any experiences with postings of your listings by other Agents?