Yes, you can absolutely place a lockbox on a Delayed status listing. What you cannot do is allow showings while the listing is in Delayed status.

If Showings Aren’t Allowed, Why Would I Want to Place a Lockbox?

The purpose of Delayed status is to give sellers and listing agents a way to market coming soon listings while they’re still being prepared for showings. The listing agent might want to place a lockbox for contractors who might need to access the property and who use a Supra lockbox key. For example, many photographers, staging companies, and though less common, appraisers, various inspectors and pest control companies might also need access to a property in Delayed status.

Always Activate that CBS Code

Because showings aren’t allowed while the listing is in Delayed status, make sure you activate the Call Before Showing (CBS) code before you place the lockbox on a Delayed status property. This will ensure that agents don’t accidentally show the listing before it goes Active.

Remember to Follow the Rules

When it comes to placing lockboxes on Delayed status listings, we all need to remember to follow the ARMLS rules about keys and lockboxes. For example, remember to ask the property owner for authorization to place the lockbox.