Ever wanted to create a simple flyer for an open house you are sitting or for one of your own listings? Flexmls makes it quick and easy to generate flyers from active listings.

Generating Flyers

From the Listing’s Detail report, click Print in the top right of your screen. From the Listings to Print or E-mail page, make sure Current Listing is selected, Version is set to Public and you have selected one of the five options for Flexmls flyers under the Detail section.

Flyer page screen shot


Click Preview at the bottom of the page. The Edit button will be grayed out. After a moment, a preview of your flyer will display on the screen and you’ll be able to click Edit. 

Flexmls flyer preview screen


Clicking Edit will take you to the editing screen where you can make changes to the flyer. By selecting a given photo and clicking on List Photos, you will be able to select a different photo for that space on your flyer. Keep in mind that after replacing the photo, you might need to resize it by clicking and dragging the photo edges. The editing page also makes it simple for you to change the size, font and content of any text on the flyer.

flyer page screen shot


Finally, don’t forget to name your flyer (top left of the screen) and save it (top right of your screen). To access your flyer in the future, go to the Contacts tab and select Presentations. Your flyer will be under Documents.

Written by Emily H from ARMLS
Emily started as a Content Specialist in 2016. Formerly a college composition instructor, she loves all things writing and teaching. When not assisting subscribers, Emily can be found wrangling her 3 cats.