When a listing is placed in Temporarily Off Market (TOM) status, the Days On Market (DOM) count is paused and will not accrue days. When the listing goes back to Active/UCB/CCBS, DOM will continue – the TOM days are not added on. Still confused? See the example below.

If a listing is Active/UCB/CCBS for 2 days, goes to TOM for 50 days and then is back to Actvie/UCB/CCBS for 1 day = 3 DOM.

Placing a listing in TOM status will trigger an email from the Data Integrity that says:

“This notice is being sent to you as a courtesy to ensure that your listing noted above has properly had its status changed to Temporarily Off Market(TOM).(Note: Placing a Residential for sale or a Residential Rental listing to TOM does not preclude the requirements of a qualified photograph.) Many agents have been accidentally placing properties into TOM status instead of Cancelled status. TOM does stop the DOM from accumulating while the property is in TOM status. However, TOM status does not begin the 90 day count for relisting a property with zero days on market DOM). If your intention is to take the property off the market for 90 days to reset the DOM, you must cancel the listing or allow it to expire before the 90 days start to accrue. ARMLS will not back date the listing and change the status from TOM to Cancelled even if you have paperwork showing the listing should have been Cancelled.”