Is your seller eager to know what others think about their house? You can set them up to receive feedback left by showing agents in ShowingTime, delivered straight to their email or through the ShowingTime app.

Part 1- Adding a Seller’s Email Address

We first need to add the seller’s email address in ShowingTime.

Step 1– Start by selecting Listing Setup from the side menu.

Step 2– Select Listing Setup from the sub-menu.

Step 3– Select the listing you want to configure for the owners to receive feedback

Step 4– For an owner to receive feedback they must first be added to the listing with a valid email address in their contact information. If the owner hasn’t yet been added, click the Add New Owner/Occupant button.

Step 5– Once the owner is added make sure they are configured to receive the email notifications for confirmed/canceled appointments.

Screenshot inside ShowingTime demonstrating where to add an Owner/Occupant and how to set them up to be notified of confirmed and cancelled appointments.

Part 2- Configure Feedback Settings

Now we need to look at your feedback settings.

When first configuring your feedback setting, you can choose to publish feedback automatically or hold it for review. This is found under the Feedback tab and Form Design & Settings.

If you chose Hold for review, you’ll have the ability to review and publish only the feedback you want your seller to see.


Step 1– Start by selecting Reports from the side menu.

Step 2– Select Listing Activity Report from the list of available reports.


Step 3– Select the listing you want to publish feedback on.


Step 4– Scroll down to the section labeled Feedback Responses. Under the section Available to Homeowner you’ll see a list of published and unpublished feedback responses. Click on Publish to immediately send that feedback via email to your owner. It will now also be available on any listing activity reports generated in the future.

You are now ready to share feedback with your seller from agents who have showed their property.

Written by Chelsea O from ARMLS
Chelsea Oakland joined the ARMLS team in 2014. With her learning and development experience she knew she would have an impact on the company’s end goal to service its more than 37,000 subscribers.