ARMLS Guest Blogger Frank

H.G. writes: Hey, I just paid ARMLS® recently and now I have a bill for my ActiveKEY. Why are you trying to get more money from me?


Frank: H.G., I certainly can understand your concern. Today everyone works hard for their money. Frankly, I always feel like it is easy to meet expenses – no matter where you go, THERE they are!

To answer your question, here is the key point that you need to know: The Supra bill that you receive for the ActiveKEY is a completely different entity from the bill that you pay for the ARMLS® Annual Subscriber fee.

Since there are some Subscribers that do not use the Supra key system, these two fees are billed independently from each other.

Supra invoices the ActiveKEYs from September 22 through September 21 of the following year. The new lease fee for the 2012-13 will be $185.79, although a new Agent may get a different charge based on the one time Administration Fee.

Please know that the grace period is typically only two weeks and then your ActiveKEY will be shut off.  Also, if you are planning on leaving the business you must return your leased equipment to one of the five ARMLS® Support Centers.

Again, I commend you for your due diligence in pursuing an understanding of who is billing you and why.