Ever feel like you’re going crazy trying to complete a simple task and just can’t figure it out? In Flexmls that task is often deleting saved searches. We’re here to save your sanity with a tutorial on how to delete saved searches.

Deleting Saved Searches

Go to the Menu at the top left of your screen. Click on Saved Searches. Then select the search you want to delete and click Remove.
GIF demonstrating how to delete a saved search in Flexmls.

You also have the ability to delete searches in bulk.  Simply use the control/command key to select multiple searches that you want to delete.  Then select the Remove button as normal.

Written by Chelsea O from ARMLS
Chelsea Oakland joined the ARMLS team in 2014. With her learning and development experience she knew she would have an impact on the company’s end goal to service its more than 37,000 subscribers.