Listings accrue Cumulative Days On Market (CDOM) and Agent Days On Market (ADOM) while in either
Active, UCB, or CCBS status. When entering a new listing, DOM will begin at zero when more than 90
days have passed from the day the previous listing for that property was changed to Cancelled or
Expired status.

Changing a property into Temporarily Off Market (TOM) status stops the CDOM and the ADOM from
accumulating while it remains in TOM status. However, the number of days the listing is in TOM status
does NOT contribute towards the 90 days a listing must be off-market (from a previous Cancelled or
Expired listing of the same property) in order to reset the CDOM and ADOM to zero (0).
If the criteria for resetting CDOM has not been met and a new agent re-lists the property, ADOM will
reset to zero, but the CDOM will be added to the new listing.

Let’s say Joe Agent lists a property on October 1st. On this day the ADOM and CDOM begin counting at
zero. On October 31st the property is canceled and both calculations pause counting at 30. On
November 1st, the property is re-listed by a different Agent. The ADOM will re-set to 0, but the
CDOM would show 30. If the SAME agent re-lists the property using this scenario, the ADOM and CDOM
would both read 30.

Days on Market Calculations Policy was implemented on September 7, 2004 at the direction of the
ARMLS Board of Directors.