Are you someone who searches for listings daily (or hourly) only to come up empty-handed? Searching for specific properties time and time again can be frustrating, disappointing and time consuming. Why go through all of that hassle and frustration when you don’t have to? By setting yourself up on a subscription dedicated to your specific criteria, you can receive alerts via email when something becomes available.

How to Set up a Subscription to Set Alerts For Yourself

From your Flexmls Menu, select Quick Search. At the top left of the next screen, select 1 – Residential (or any of the other quick search templates available).

GIF of how to begin a new Quick Search and select from available search templates.


Enter all of your search criteria on the left. After your results load, click the Save icon and select Save Search.

GIF of how to save a Quick Search.


Once the Save Search pop-up is in your view, select New for the Save Type option, name your search and enter any description you might find helpful (such as a client name). Under Contact, click New and enter the Display Name. Under Contact Email (optional), enter your email address. Make sure the portal option stays at No and click Save and Add Subscription.



After you’ve selected the Save and Add Subscription button, the Add Subscription pop-up will appear. From there, you can customize how you want your future subscription(s) sent to you. Select Save when finished and a green alert box will pop-up to tell you that you’ve been successful in setting up your subscription.


Success! Now just keep an eye on your email for your future alerts and updates.