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What Is The Best Way To Get A Lockbox Key?

Whether you’re a new agent getting your first key or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade, ARMLS can connect you with the lockbox key that’s right for you. Here are some important things to know before you stop in.   Visit Us in Person The only way to get a...

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Three Myths About The eKEY

Ever thought of switching from the ActiveKEY to the eKEY, only to hear a horror story that changes your mind? If it’s happened to you, you’re not alone. Here are the most common misconceptions we hear about the eKEY.   Myth #1: You need cell service to open a lockbox ...

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Is That an Abandoned Lockbox?

Have you found an abandoned lockbox?  If so there’s a chance it could be a case of finders, keepers! If you’ve come across an abandoned lockbox, the BT LE model only,  the first step is to reach out to us by email or phone. We’ll look up the owner to...

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Does My Lockbox Have A Warranty?

In short, Yes! Defective lockboxes are rare but it can happen. If you find yourself with a bunk box, it will be covered under warranty as long as it’s registered with SupraNet. Since January 2016 only 0.6% of all lockboxes were found to be faulty. Should you find yourself with a...

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How to Avoid or Fix a Lockbox Jam

There are few things more embarrassing to a real estate agent than taking a client to a home and encountering a jammed lockbox. If this has happened to you before, we feel your pain. If this hasn’t happened to you, here are a few suggestions on how to make sure...

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How Do I Buy a New Lockbox?

If you’ve gained a new client or had a lockbox bite the dust, you may find the need for a new lockbox. There are a few things to know before you head to ARMLS.   Supra Lockboxes Can be Purchased at Any One of Our ARMLS Support Centers. ARMLS...

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ActiveKEY Reset

ActiveKEYs are a Real Estate Agent’s (literal) ticket in the door. But like any other electronic, they sometimes need a reboot when things go awry. According to our Helpdesk, approximately 90% of ActiveKEY issues can be corrected with the reset function. Some of the most common issue include: “B3 Error...

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What’s a CBS Code?

A CBS (Call Before Showing) code, is a code enabled on a Supra lockbox by the listing agent to control access to a listing. When you show a listing where the lockbox has a CBS code, you must call/text/write the listing agent to get the code to open the...

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Pictorial: Lockboxes Gone Wild

This is a re-post of a popular blog we published last year, it’s back by popular demand.   Lockbox placement is a hotly debated topic, which we explored in Where Not to Place a Lockbox earlier this year. To further the conversation we’ve created a pictorial of additional places...

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Where Not to Place a Lockbox

  Loyal blog reader Randy H. had a great question for us on social media, “Does ARMLS have rules on lockbox placement?” In short, we don’t dictate in our rules where a lockbox must be placed on a listing. We do, however, have some advice.   1. Supra iBox...

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Why Are You Trying to Get More Money From Me? – Supra Billing

H.G. writes: Hey, I just paid ARMLS® recently and now I have a bill for my ActiveKEY. Why are you trying to get more money from me?   Frank: H.G., I certainly can understand your concern. Today everyone works hard for their money. Frankly, I always feel like it...

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