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Mother, May I Post Another Broker’s Listing?

Note: this is a re-post of a popular post from last year. check out this post on how you can help us with this problem. Posting a listing that belongs to another Agent on Craigslist is very much like the children’s game, Mother, May I?  You may not take the step if...

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Rules & Regs Update

This week we published changes to some rules and policies. These changes were approved by the ARMLS Board of Directors as an ongoing effort to continue to improve ARMLS® rules and policies for our Subscribers. See a full list of changes in the summary of rules / policy changes table...

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YouTube and The MLS

Embedded YouTube videos are not allowed in the video field of the MLS for two reasons: 1. The embedded YouTube allows a user to contact the video uploader, in many cases this is the Listing Agent. Rule 8.23 says “Media may not be used to advertise or promote an agent, broker or a...

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The Top 10 Violations of 2013

Earlier this week we started a buzz with a Tweet we sent out: 19,334 listing violations were addressed by the ARMLS Data Integrity department in 2013. — ARMLS (@ARMLS) January 30, 2014   The tweet was from research we did for an upcoming SEVRAR Magazine article due out next...

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Photo Manipulation, Draw A Line

Something isn’t right here! Can you spot what’s wrong in this front exterior photo? Is the photo acceptable to you, did they cross the line? Comment below if you’ve figured it out. If you’re stumped, click here for a video hint. We’ve explored a similar theme in a recent...

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No, You Can’t Post Another Broker’s Listings Without Permission

It’s a hot topic – posting another Broker’s listings without permission outside of IDX. It is an ARMLS rule violation and the Data Integrity department is on the case. But we need your help. When reporting a possible 10.11 rule violation, the Data Integrity department needs the following information....

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