A pool in the backyard is the make-it or break-it feature for many clients. So what’s the best way to find that dream property with the perfect private pool? Let us break it down for you. If your client wants a community pool, check out our blog on the best ways to search for a community pool.

Make Use of General Property Description – Pool

You should always begin with the General Property Description – Pool field. Because it’s a required field, you can be sure that agents have filled it in while entering their listings. Choose either Both Private & Community or Private Only.

Search For “Not No Pool “… Say What?

Next, you can narrow your search within the Pool-Private field. To get the widest variety of backyard pools, you’re next step is counterintuive. Select No Pool beneath the Private – Pool field. Then click on the or link once so that it reads not. This will find results for Pool – Private not of No Pool, meaning all the listings that have any type of private pool.

Screenshot of "Pool - Private" field from a Quick Search with "not No Pool" selected. Red arrows point to "Pool - Private not of No Pool" and "not No Pool".

Wait, why not select the subfield for Pool – Private instead? Because when entering a listing, occasionally a listing agent will specify the particular type of private pool and forget to also select the subfield for Pool – Private. For example, if the listing agent marks off Play Pool and Fenced Pool but not the subfield for Pool – Private, you would miss that listing if only searching with the subfield of Pool – Private. But a search of not No Pool will capture every listing with a private pool.

And, Or and Not 

If your client wants a property with a private pool described by a single subfield in Pool – Private, that’s pretty straightforward. You check off that one subfield. But what if your client needs a private pool described by two or more subfields? In that case, you need to carefully use the modifiers and, or and not that appear before each subfield. For example, if your client wants a heated lap pool, make sure you click on the or before each selected subfield until they both read and. Otherwise your search will return listings with either heated pools or lap pools though not necessarily both.

Screenshot of "Pool - Private" field from a Quick Search. Subfields for "Heated Pool" and "Lap Pool" have been selected. Red arrows point to "and" as it appears in front of each selected subfield.

Alternatively, if your client wants to rule out a certain type of private pool, click or before the appropriate subfield until it reads not. For example, if your client needs any type of private pool except for a diving pool, select not No Pool and not Diving Pool.

Screen Shot of "Pool - Private" field from a Quick Search with red arrows pointing to selected subfields for "not Diving Pool" and "not No Pool".

Written by Emily H from ARMLS
Emily started as a Content Specialist in 2016. Formerly a college composition instructor, she loves all things writing and teaching. When not assisting subscribers, Emily can be found wrangling her 3 cats.