Burglars impersonating REALTORS® have recently plagued the Valley’s real estate listings with this modus operandi:

1. Call an owner of a listed property directly using another Subscriber’s credentials.
2. Set up a bogus showing through the owner, and request that the owner vacate before the showing.
3. Rob the home while the seller is gone.

Last week the Pinal County Sheriff’s office, alerted through a tip from an owner, arrested a Chandler couple with listing contraband in their car. Whether they are the only ones involved in recent burglaries remains to be seen.

Best Practices to Help Deter Criminal Activity

  1. Don’t place the owner’s name in the listing.
  2. Instruct the owners never to allow a showing that is not set up or confirmed by you.
  3. If an Agent calls for a code or a showing, look up the Agent’s contact info in flexmls, and call the Agent back to verify that he was the one that called you.
  4. Use an electronic lockbox which records access so you can track who has gotten into the home.
  5. Contractor lockboxes, while convenient, are not as secure.  Use the CBS code on your electronic box when a contractor needs access and discontinue using mechanical lockboxes.
  6. If an owner is going to be gone during the showing, ask them not to leave until the showing Agent arrives so they can identify that person if something goes missing.
  7. Share incidents with fellow Agents through social media, RMS tours, etc. to foster real estate community vigilance.
  8. Notify the local police immediately of any incident.

Can you think of any additional practices that can help protect your Sellers?