We’ve updated a few of our rules. Here’s what you need to know.

Mobile Homes Expanded (1.25)

Due to House Bill 2072, we’ve expanded our rules to include two new opportunities to list mobile homes.

  1. Used, privately owned and located in a mobile home park.
  2. New or used, located in a mobile home park where the agent is representing a Manufactured Housing Dealer.

Restrictions on Incentives (1d)

A new restriction was added which prohibits a listing subscriber from offering incentives to a buyer that sponsors the brokers business (e.g. “Why get stuck with two homes? If you buy this home we will buy yours”). It also creates exceptions for allowable seller directive incentives offered to a buyer (e.g., funds for closing costs or allowance for repairs).

Third-Party Promotions (2e)

Any statement requiring or promoting the use of a specific third-party entity is prohibited from inclusion anywhere on the listing (e.g. House stunningly cleaned and staged by XYZ Design or Listing added by XYZ Helper). Promotion is defined as language that encourages or advertises use of a third-party for goods/services. Title language restrictions/exceptions were not changed (2d).

More Important Information

Line by line changes with each ARMLS policy can be found below. Old documents showing in your browser? You may need to clear your cache (CTRL + F5) to see the latest editions.

Written by Madison G from ARMLS
Madison has been part of the ARMLS family since 2015. As the Content Editor, she brings an extensive background in writing, editing, communication and punnery.