Whether you have an ActiveKEY or eKEY, you can choose when showings occur using timed access. You will need to know the lockbox shackle code to modify timed access settings in the field. There are limitations and nuances with each method, so pay attention to the instructions below.

ActiveKEY Instructions – in the field you can choose the pre-programmed showing window or 24-hour access.

  1. Press on/off to turn your ActiveKEY on.
  2. Press down arrow several times until you get to SET IBOX TIMED ACCESS, then press Enter.
  3. Press 1 to change to Timed Access or 2 to change to 24 hour access.
  4. Input the Shackle Code when prompted, then press Enter and aim the eye of your ActiveKEY at the eye of the KeyBox.

If you want your KeyBox programmed for custom hours and you have an ActiveKEY (as eKEY users can create custom showing windows in the field), bring your KeyBox into one of our five Support Centers. You cannot change the specific hours of your KeyBox online.

eKEY Instructions –  Unlike the ActiveKEY, you can set a specific showing window or 24-hour access in the field using your eKEY.

  1. Open the eKEY application.
  2. Select inventory.
  3. Select the serial number for the KeyBox you wish to change.
  4. Select Edit at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the option you wish to change and follow the onscreen directions.
  6. When ready, Tap on program in the upper right.
  7. Enter the Shackle code and press “Begin.”
  8. Point the eye of the adapter/FOB at the eye of the KeyBox.