Many subscribers hire administrative personnel to help them with day-to-day business operations. Often, this requires admin personnel to have access to Flexmls.

Can an Admin Use Anyone’s Username/Password? 

No! Every user of Flexmls must have their own username and password per the subscriber agreement. This helps safeguard the integrity of the data while protecting you and/or your brokerage.

How Much Does it Cost?

The first office-level admin for an office or brokerage is free. For every 30 active subscribers, a brokerage can receive an additional office-level admin access at no charge, up to 3. For example, if an office has 65 active subscribers, that office qualifies for 2 free office-level admins.

If you need more office-level logins, they can be purchased at 50% of the current ARMLS subscriber fee.

Can a Subscriber or Team within an Office Get an Admin Login?

Yes! For admin personnel supporting a single subscriber or a team, individual-level Flexmls access can be purchased for 50% of the current ARMLS subscriber fee.

Do I Need My Broker’s Signature?

Yes, your designated broker must sign the Application Form for Administrative Support Personnel Access to ARMLS. All completed forms can be emailed to Once your application is received, the Flexmls admin personnel credential is typically issued within 2 -3 business days.

I Still Have Questions

For additional resources, please see the ARMLS Administrative Personnel Policy and the ARMLS Administrative Personnel Policy Quick Guide. You can also reach the ARMLS Billing & Membership dept. by phone at 480-921-7777 or by email at