If your client is receiving email subscriptions and wants to add a few more email addresses to the list of receivers, you might be asking yourself:

  1. Do I have to add all of these people into Contact Management, even though none of them are the buyer?*
  2. After I add all of these people, do I have to build them the exact same search from scratch?


You can add multiple emails to just one contact. And the best part is that it’s super easy to do.

Adding Multiple Emails to One Contact

1. From your Flexmls dashboard, click on the Contacts tab and select Contact Management.


2. Click on the contact you’d like to add names to and a contact box will open. Select Edit Contact from the pop out below the contact. 


3. Click on the green plus sign that says Add directly beneath the E-Mail field. Each time you click the plus sign, an additional email field will appear. So if you need to add 3 email addresses, click on the plus sign three times.


4. Enter in the email address(es) and check mark the Notify box next to the all the emails you’ve added. Click Save Changes. 


5. Finally, navigate your mouse to the newly added emails and click on Send Confirmation E-mail for all of the contacts you just added. An opt-in request will be sent out. Once the users have opt-ed in, they will begin receiving the subscriptions.


*Note: This process will only work on subscriptions. If your client asks you to set up access to a portal for anyone else involved in the decision making, you will need to individually create a new contact for each person in your Contact Management. Portals only allow one user name and password per person.