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ARMLS® encourages its Subscribers to volunteer for service on one or several ARMLS Committees and Task Forces. Committee and task force appointments are made by the Chair with input and suggestions from the local REALTOR® Associations,  whose feedback ARMLS seeks out when filling new or vacant appointments.
Subscribers interested in volunteering should make their intention known to their local Association Executive or any member of the ARMLS Board of Directors.





Strategic Steering Committee:

Comprised of the Chair, Past-Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer and one member not currently serving on the Board of Directors, the Committee is tasked with the following:


  • To advance the strategic plan and vision of the Board.  To work closely with the CEO and other staff designee(s) to confirm programs and actions of the corporation are in agreement with the strategic plan.
  • Conduct annual written review of the performance of the CEO. 
  • To act as an advisory committee to assist the Chair as requested.


Audit Committee:

Chaired by Treasurer plus up to four additional members recommended by Chair and approved by Board, the Committee is tasked with the following:


  • Confirmation of auditor’s independence and recommendation to Board for engagement of auditor — by no later than September of each year.
  • Annual specification of scope of audit, prior to outside audit, consistent with Board Monitoring Schedule (3.4), including approval of any permitted non-audit services to be provided by the independent auditor.
  • Assurance that the auditor has unfettered access to organizational management and records.
  • Review with the independent auditor of any problems encountered performing the audit, of the audited financial statements, and of any management letter provided by the auditor.
  • “Direct Inspection” (internal audit) monitoring of compliance with the Board’s fiscal policies (Financial Condition, Asset Protection, Budget, Compensation and Benefits), as directed/scheduled by the Board per the “Monitoring CEO Performance” policy.
  • Recommendations for Board consideration regarding revisions to the Board’s fiscal policies.

Rules Committee:

A Chairperson plus members, including at least one Director as appointed by the Board Chair, this Committee is tasked with:

  • Periodic review of the rules, regulations and policies that affect the operation of the MLS system and recommendations brought forth for Board consideration for changes to those rules, regulations and policies.

Task Forces



The Chair may appoint a task force for any specific purpose and shall appoint the chairperson for each task force and may set a time certain by which the task force is to report back to the Board of Directors. The chairperson, with advice from the Chair, shall select the members of the task force. Task forces serve at the pleasure of the Chair and may or may not be reappointed or continued with each annual change of officers.

Listing Contract Task Force:

This task force will review our current ER/EA listing agreements and recommend changes and updates. They will be looking at language required by new VOW rules. They will also look at other examples of agreements.

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