Houses, even tract homes, are as unique as the homeowners who occupy them and the clients looking for them. While not the most common, these five interesting MLS fields can help you customize your client’s search and nail the sale.

Runway Access


You know the saying “Home is where you park your personal aircraft”. There are 34 listings that give your client room to spread their wings and enjoy the open sky.

Low/No VOC Paint 


There are 251 options on the MLS for homes with painted exteriors that contain low or no VOC (volatile organic compound). If you have a buyer who’s particularly eco or health conscious, they have some options.

Gray Water Systems


Gray water systems are incredibly practical, especially for desert living. The system works by recycling the water from showers, sinks and the washing machine for use in exterior lawn/plant watering.

Wet Bars


If your client is longing to play “Cocktail” at home, 2,217 listings can make their bar tending dreams come true with a built-in wet bar (a bar with a working sink).  

Temperature Controlled Parking 


Plan on never leaving the garage with 299 homes complete with garage A/C or heating.

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Written by Madison G from ARMLS
Madison has been part of the ARMLS family since 2015. As the Content Editor, she brings an extensive background in writing, editing, communication and punnery.