Every now and then you may have a client who is particular about which side of their property is facing the sun during a certain part of the day. As a buying agent, here are the three ways you can search for sun facing properties in Flexmls each with their flaws.

1. The Property Description Field

In the Add/Modify field of Flexmls, you can add the Property Description field or you can select the North/South Exposure by itself to add to your search. Selecting the North/South Exposure field will show properties that are located where the sun either hits the north or south side of the property on any given day. Changing it from “or” to “not” North/South Exposure will not necessarily yield you results that give you just E/W facing. Why?


The field itself is not required in a listing, so agents can choose to use it or not. This means you might miss search results if the listing agent skipped the field. You’ll have to determine what direction the property faces using another method.

2. The Public Remarks Field

As mentioned above, looking for a particular sun exposure can get a little tricky. By adding the Public Remarks field to your search, you may be able to find listings where the agent specifically states if the property itself is N/S & E/W sun facing.


After you input your keyword or words in the Public Remarks field, you should audit each Public Remarks section in the listing’s Detail tab. The Public Remarks section is located in the center of the detail report.


3. The Map Search and the Satellite View

Going this route may actually be the easiest and fastest route to find out what direction certain parts of a property faces. All you need to do is:

Open up the Map Search in Flexmls and use the Pushpin tool and input the exact address.



Select the Satellite filter at the top right of your map (located between the Map and Overlays buttons). This will change your screen view into what looks like a Google Earth view of sorts. Zoom in or zoom out accordingly until you are right over the property.


At this point, you should be able to easily determine which direction the house faces.